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Individualized Services Program

Individualized Services for Teens and Adults (Ages 13 and Older)

Individualized Services for teens and adults provides applied behavior analysis (ABA) intervention across environments to meet the needs of our clients with autism and their families. Services can be delivered in one or many settings and may include; home, school, workplace, or in the community to meet the unique needs of each client.

Through the program, clients receive weekly one-on-one intervention services from a highly skilled and integrated team of therapists. Additionally, services include caregiver training and coordination of care with other providers or individuals apart of the supportive community.

Services begin with a functional assessment to identify strengths and interests, as well as areas for growth. Sessions are highly individualized to incorporate the goals of each client and their family. Clients will work on important goals including but not limited to self-management skills, building independence in daily living skills, and social skills development. Goals to support employment may also be included.

Goals might include, but are not limited to, working on skills related to:

  • Executive functioning
  • Personal care and wellbeing
  • Independence and self-advocacy
  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • Pre-employment or employment

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For more information about SARRC’s Individualized Services for Teens and Adults, please contact our Family Resource Team at 602.606.9806 or contact us online.

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