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Resources and Guides

Online Safety Manual

Online life is rife with danger, and it can be difficult for families and professionals working with teens and adults with autism to monitor the risks these individuals are taking in the virtual world. Education, employment and even social opportunities all utilize and, in many cases, require an online presence, so it’s imperative that those with autism better understand what types of activities to avoid and how to be safe when online. Getting knowledgeable about internet safety and arming them against the obvious dangers can build a foundation for the support they will need to safely navigate online. Made possible by NEXT for AUTISM, SARRC’s Online Safety Manual offers an approachable curriculum that can be used to teach individuals with ASD the important skills needed to safely interact online. Download the manual »

Easy Access Autism Screening Program

This autism screening program will make it easier than ever to have your child’s developmental concerns addressed. If you have concerns about your child’s development, an experienced staff member will complete a free screening assessment over the phone in about 10 minutes. If you have any questions about your child’s development, notice that your child is not doing things other children are doing, or you see behaviors that seem different or odd, we recommend you call for a screening. This program is best suited for children aged 12-36 months. Learn more »

Think Autism®

Think Autism is an outreach program that provides resources to educators and professionals to “Think Autism” when they see subtle social challenges in young children who have not been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Learn more »

Dental Care Guide for Individuals with Autism

Oral health care is the most prevalent unmet health care need among children with and without special needs. Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation enabled SARRC to develop Dental Information Guides and Trainings for families of individuals with autism, autism service providers, and dental professionals to expand oral healthcare for those on the spectrum in dental offices and at home. View our dental resource guide »

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