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Children’s Services

Early Intervention Services from Infancy Through Early Adolescence

SARRC understands the importance of early intervention and how the right treatment can change a child’s life. Our goal is to provide evidence-based, applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment for children and support for parents.

Autism may impair the ability of a child to learn and develop skills on their own. Research shows the potential for progress in children on the autism spectrum is improved with early intervention. As much as possible, individuals with ASD should be engaged in activities that help to build functional and appropriate skills.

SARRC’s Children’s Services focus on developing social and communication skills, establishing foundational skills to promote independence, and supporting parents as their child’s first teacher. SARRC’s clinical model uses applied behavior analysis (ABA) with a particular focus on naturalistic interventions in inclusive environments, such as home, school, and in the community. We value inclusion and parent education in all that we do.

Comprehensive Behavioral Program

1:1 home and community-based treatment

Community School

Preschool program for children with & without ASD


Support for parents of infants


Parent training for families of young children

Parent Training

Individual coaching & parent education

Second Gear

Individualized coaching to help manage behavior at home

SARRC's Family Resource Team is here to help:

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