The Milestones Program offers free services for parents of infants.

About Milestones

Whether you are a first-time parent of an infant or you have an infant with an older sibling who has an autism diagnosis, SARRC's Milestones® program provides parents with helpful information to make the first year and a half of your infant's life a supported experience. Whether searching for information or more consistent monitoring and early intervention, we have you covered. Milestones consist of:

Milestones Education and Information for Parents of Infants
We offer parents evidence-based information on developmental milestones and parenting practices that will encourage play and interaction. Get info about your child's development sent directly to your inbox! 

Milestones Monitoring
Let us watch you grow. Some parents will have the opportunity to participate in on-going assessments beginning as early as six months up until 18 months. Assessment results will guide clinical recommendations, including the need for a diagnostic evaluation. Babies must be registered by 14 months to participate. 

12-Week Consultation 
A very early intervention option for infants and young toddlers (6 mos+) demonstrating early signs of ASD or with a diagnosis of ASD. Assessment results drive a recommendation to participate in this service. During the program, coaches will work together with parents to target goals through play and everyday interactions with their baby. 

Registration and Contact

Participants interested in enrolling in Milestones will complete registration with our Family Resource Team at 602.606.9806 or contact us online.


SARRC's Milestones program is generously supported by: