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Tony’s Goal | Communicating his needs

Tony, a cute, curious and energetic boy with a smile that breaks hearts, was diagnosed at 20 months. Ever since he enrolled in SARRC’s Community School, an inclusive preschool, Tony has overcome significant language barriers. Now a thriving three-year-old, he has gained 21 months in his language development in just 16 months at the Community School. Our evidence-based approach, individualized treatment plans, caring team members and supportive community have helped thousands of children, teens and adults achieve their goals. Help us achieve ours by making a gift today.

Make a gift today.

Tony, Eleni and Michael are three shining examples of SARRC's commitment to individuals with autism of all ages and stages of their lives:

  • Tony, age 3, overcame significant language barriers in our Community School and can now effectively communicate his needs and desires. 
  • Eleni, age 16, began working with SARRC as a child and as a teenager, has blossomed into a talented runner on her high school cross-country team, recently earning a varsity letter. Watch her story…
  • Michael, at age 58, relocated to Phoenix two years ago and worked with SARRC to find a competitive, meaningful job leveraging his unique skills and abilities.

Their goals—and thousands of others—are achieved because of supporters like you. Your contribution will help us achieve our vision of integrating people with autism into inclusive communities. 



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