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Thiru and Thamiya

Thiru Thangarathinam has created a legacy through his successful salesforce company MST Solutions, but, for him, it’s not just about business. His family also is creating a legacy supporting Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center. A 3Cs philosophy “Community, Colleagues, Customers,” was born early in MST’s history. “It also made me realize that I had the potential now to create a legacy in my life and my family’s life,” Thiru says.

Giving back became especially important to Thiru and his wife, Thamiya, after their children, Mukund and Eshwar, were born. “Raising children helps you see what is important in your life,” he says.

The SARRC connection started in 2016 when Thiru joined the Young Presidents’ Organization alongside SARRC President and CEO Daniel Openden. Thiru was drawn to SARRC’s mission thinking of his sister’s son with autism in India.

“When you see autism up close you see how hard it is for parents to get the help they need. Kids with autism need a lot of support to realize that they, too, have amazing but different talents,” Thiru says. “I have spent a great deal of time with Danny and I am inspired by the vision and mission of SARRC and the amazing people who work there.”

MST Solutions became involved with SARRC as a sponsor of the annual Community Breakfast and teaming up for the Autism Speaks walk. Two years ago, Thiru and Thamiya became SARRC Multiyear Visionary Partners pledging annual donations for five years.

They also wanted to have a long-term impact, leading to inclusion in SARRC’s Legacy Circle. “The charitable lead trust enables us to make an impact over many years for SARRC, which is close to our hearts and is here to serve our community long into the future,” Thiru says.

Giving back to the community isn’t limited to SARRC. He’s also involved with Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arizona. When Covid-19 hit, Thiru and his staff at MST provided an online portal and volunteers to deliver groceries and other supplies to those in need.

Launched in 2012 in India, MST Solutions’ headquarters was later moved to Chandler, where Thiru previously worked for Intel Corp. MST has been named to Inc.’s list of fastest growing companies and has been certified as a Great Place to Work.

“Supporting the community is both a personal goal of our family and a professional goal of MST,” Thiru says.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Legacy Circle member and ensuring the continued vitality and growth of SARRC’s services from one generation to the next, please contact Devin Dye at [email protected] or (602) 218-8183.

Thiru and Thamiya