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Think Asperger’s

Asperger's Disorder (AD) is an autism spectrum disorder characterized by social difficulties, communication differences, and restricted interests and unusual patterns of behavior. 

Children with AD are often overlooked. Their language development, while sometimes odd, is not delayed. There may be no obvious cognitive impairment. Children who are left undiagnosed and untreated often struggle with depression, anxiety, peer victimization, social isolation, academics, life skills and much more.

Social Difficulties:
• May be considered socially awkward 
• May have a difficult time forming and sustaining friendships 
• May not pick up on social cues 
• Find jokes, analogies and sarcasm difficult to understand

Communication Differences:
• Speech may be overly formal and/or sound peculiar (inappropriate pitch, rate, rhythm, volume)
• May have a difficult time building on subjects brought up by others

Restricted Interests and Unusual Patterns of Behavior:
• May be preoccupied by specific topics that consume thoughts and prevent engagement in more appropriate activities
• May become upset by minor changes in their daily routine

If a child is suspected of having Asperger's:
Please complete the Detecting Asperger's Very Early (DAVE) Screening Tool
and contact to the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC) at 602-340-8717 for further evaluation and resources.


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