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The Ewing Family

The Ewing family was not fully versed in autism when their son, Owen, was diagnosed in 2019, but that changed quickly with the help of SARRC.

“We participated in a family orientation and were introduced to several resources and programs that could help us,” says Sarah and Ryan Ewing. “For us, this was so crucial – knowing what next steps we should take – and it laid such a good foundation for our son’s progress.”

While waiting for ABA services, Sarah and Owen enrolled in SARRC’s Parent Training Program, where the family received 12 weeks of individualized support and one-on-one coaching with a clinician. Sarah developed goals to support Owen and learned foundational concepts and defined strategies she still uses today. 

Since then, the family has become more involved with SARRC and most recently pledged their support to the Multiyear Visionary Partner (MVP) giving program. They are passionate about lowering the age of diagnosis, building more inclusive and supportive communities, and improving outcomes for individuals with autism.

“Our hope is that our multi-year gifts to SARRC will help leadership make bold bets, have the confidence to expand services, and subsequently attract other reoccurring donations and revenue,” Ryan says.

In addition to becoming MVPs, the family has deepened its commitment to SARRC through events, programs and connections, enabling Sarah to meet the parents of other autistic children. 

“These informal connections have forged a strong support network, which was missing in our early autism journey,” Sarah says. “We are proud to be a part of supporting SARRC’s mission to scaling programs statewide, continue innovative research and creating inclusive communities.”

Additionally, the Ewings are supporters of SARRC’s annual Community Breakfast serving as event sponsors as well as ambassadors. Ryan also serves on SARRC’s Development Committee.

Sarah and Ryan’s families have lived in Arizona for four generations. In 2007, Ryan opened Amazon’s first fulfillment center in the Phoenix area. Since then, he has grown and scaled operations for Amazon, working in fulfillment, hardlines retail and global leadership development. He previously worked in his family’s manufacturing business and Sarah in corporate accounting for the airline industry.

“We’re proud that Phoenix has been recognized as the ‘most autism-friendly city in the world’ and, more importantly, for SARRC’s leadership in providing resources, support, and inclusiveness for adults and children with autism across Arizona,” the Ewings say. “We, too, believe that individuals with autism can be meaningfully integrated into communities and hope that our multiyear contribution helps to realize that vision.

MVP Ewing Family photo