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Services for Organizations & School Districts

SARRC’s Community Services team provides a range of services covering a variety of topics to meet the needs of organizations, educators, and programs. All services promote the use of evidence-based interventions and strategies for individuals with autism. Services are offered in a progressive level system to meet the varied needs of the community. We offer education opportunities to ensure broad reach and access to more in-depth training and consultation services for consumers looking to develop their own skills.

Why choose us

  • We are a leader in naturalistic teaching and inclusive practices.
  • We create trainings that are relatable, practical and engaging.
  • We customize services to help you meet your goals.
  • We are committed to excellence.
  • We are driven by results.

Educational Services

Educational presentations provide participants with basic foundational knowledge of ASD and evidence-based strategies that will not only be applicable for learners on the spectrum but can be used for all learners. Participants will come together to learn about different topics and develop an understanding of strategies and rationales together so that practice can be impacted cohesively. These experiences will be individualized based on group size and may include the use of video, role-play, modeling, and feedback. 

Frequently requested information: 

  • Inclusive Practices for Extracurricular and After-School Programming 
  • Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)
  • Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)
  • Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Decoding Behavior
  • Improving Learner Motivation


For more information about Educational Services, please contact our Community Services team at 480.603.3284 or [email protected] 

Training Services

Our trainings go beyond laying a foundation of knowledge and focus on implementation.  Participants can work independently or in small cohorts to achieve an acceptable level of performance. We offer three service delivery models designed by our team to best fit your needs.

Frequently requested information: 

  • Classroom Pivotal Response Treatment (CPRT)
  • Pivotal Response Treatment for Early Language Learners (PRT)
  • Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT)
  • Behavioral Skills Training (BST)


For more information about Training Services, please contact our Community Services team at 480.603.3284 or [email protected] 

Consultation Services

Practitioners, educators and professionals can receive direct training and consultation to ensure their goals are met. Consultation can be provided on implementation practices, classroom management, and/or student plans and performance. Consultation services are provided in the practitioner’s natural setting that might include, the classroom or other school environment, after-school program, summer camp, or clinic-based settings. Instruction and feedback will be provided in multiple modes, including but not limited to, written reports, in-vivo feedback, scheduled meetings, email, and face-to-face technology platforms. In addition, participants may receive consultation on student performance in the classroom; functional behavior assessments, corresponding behavior intervention plan (BIP) and consultation to ensure implementation of the BIP. 


For more information about Consultation Services, please contact our Community Services team at 480.603.3284 or [email protected]