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SARRC Introduces ThinkAsperger’s Mobile App


Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) is pleased to introduce the ThinkAsperger’s mobile app, an expansion of the ThinkAsperger’s program developed to aid in the identification of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The app, available via the App Store or Google Play, was designed by SARRC's clinical and research teams to reduce the number of children who are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed and who may struggle with loneliness, social isolation, peer victimization, academics and life skills.

The process guides users like parents, educators and medical professionals through various features including a screening questionnaire to assist in the identification of social challenges in children, and then offers resources for a formal ASD evaluation. 

“Our goal with ThinkAsperger’s is to pinpoint undetected or misdiagnosed kids and to ensure they are receiving the appropriate support,” SARRC President and CEO Daniel Openden said. “This new app can be accessed by parents, used in classrooms, clinical practices and medical offices, allowing us to better identify individuals who will benefit from the appropriate supports to improve their quality of life.”

Asperger's disorder, previously considered as a separate developmental disorder, was replaced in 2013 with the umbrella diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder.

Initially introduced by SARRC in an online format in 2008, ThinkAsperger’s is now more accessible as a mobile app thanks to long-time SARRC supporter Patty Dion, whose son Dave has been the program’s inspiration.

The most recent prevalence report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates 1 in every 68 children has been identified with ASD.

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