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SARRC Enrolling Young Children in Clinical Trial to Improve Early Detection of Autism


This trial has concluded.

SARRC's research team is enrolling children ages 16 to 30 months in a new clinical trial that may reshape the diagnostic process for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  

Marcus Autism Center, part of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, and SARRC are working together to find better ways to diagnose and treat autism at an earlier age. The investigational device works by tracking the eye movements of young children as they watch a series of short, age-appropriate videos and images.

Families can participate if they are seeking an evaluation for their child, or if they have a typically developing child and just want to help further science. Each family will complete the eye tracking protocol as well as SARRC’s traditional diagnostic process. Both procedures happen in a three-to four-hour visit to our campus. If applicable, parents will receive formal diagnosis from a licensed clinical psychologist. 

Who can participate?

We are seeking toddlers who are 16 to 30 months old to take part in the study at SARRC. Whether or not your family has concerns about autism or other developmental delays in your child, he or she can participate in our study.

What will happen during the trial?

The process is easy and only requires a three- to four-hour visit. The clinical trial consists of:

  • Playing games that test language, learning and social skills. 
  • Watching kid-friendly videos while we track eye movement. 
  • Meeting with a coordinator who will collect medical information like height and weight. 

What are the benefits of participating?

Your child can play a priceless role in advancing autism research and helping other kids. Participating parents will have an opportunity to discuss the findings with a clinician and receive a written report about their child’s development. In addition, families will be compensated for their time.

Contact our team at 602.218.8183 for more information or to enroll in our clinical trial.




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