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For the Out-of-State Noble Family, Support Comes Virtually

For the Out-of-State Noble Family, Support Comes Virtually

Logan Noble will turn 3 in November 2020—two years after his family began suspecting that he might be on the autism spectrum.

“He had started making sounds around 10 months of age, but then those sounds disappeared as he got closer to 12 months old,” his mom, Daiane, says. “Also, he never really responded to his name or imitated any of our actions.”

A low score on an autism screening at his pediatrician’s appointment triggered a referral to the Early Intervention program in Nevada, where the family lives.

“During the following months, he developed very clear signs of autism, like lining up objects and engaging in repetitive behavior,” Daiane continues.

After he was formally diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in March 2020, the family wanted to give Logan all the resources they could. With the Early Intervention program visits sparse, Daiane reached out for other resources and learned about SARRC.

Since the family lived in Nevada and SARRC is located in Arizona, the family pursued SARRC’s JumpStart program via its virtual option.

“The process was really simple,” she says. “[Our clinical supervisor] would send us the links and we would do the modules online prior to each session. I could ask questions during the session and discuss techniques to work with Logan. I could also email their team anytime I had a question or needed directions. I was impressed by how knowledgeable she was and how she went above and beyond to provide me resources and articles on specific topics I wanted to learn more about.”

For the Nobles, JumpStart proved to be invaluable.

“JumpStart was the door I was looking for,” Daiane shares. “The basics of ABA [Applied Behavior Analysis] and PRT [Pivotal Response Treatment] are essential knowledge every parent of an autistic child should have. I really wish I had been given this training back when we started Early Intervention. It would have made such a difference on how we interact with Logan.”

Among other skills, they began working on increasing Logan’s eye contact, which is an essential skill and can be an obstacle for other skills to develop. As they worked on reinforcing eye contact, other skills surfaced naturally, such as longer joint attention, as well as Logan’s desire to communicate with gestures.

“JumpStart was the foundation we needed to be able to develop Logan’s skills by ourselves, while we waited to have an ABA provider,” says Daiane. “By working with my son I’ve discovered that I’m quite good at it,” she says.

Today, the family continues to take courses and is hoping to begin ABA therapy with a local provider. And, not only did JumpStart make a huge impact on Logan’s life, but Daiane’s, as well—she is now pursuing getting officially trained in ABA therapy herself.

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JumpStart® is a parent empowerment program that provides information, support, and training to parents of young children who have been recently diagnosed with or are at risk for ASD. JumpStart provides information on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a highly effective evidence-based intervention for autism, and Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), a behavior analytic intervention that focuses on learner motivation, to give parents strategies to support their child’s communication. Learn more about SARRC's JumpStart program »

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