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Kathy and Bob Hubbard

For the Hubbard family—parents Kathy and Bob, and their son—autism intervention has been crucial in their journey.
“We were fortunate to get services when he needed them as a teen and adult,” they share. “The ability to receive coaching services earlier, on both the youth-side and adult-side, was very important.”
During high school, the Hubbards connected with SARRC, where they were able to enroll their son into several inclusive volunteer and camp programs. When he became older and ready for a job, they turned to SARRC’s Employment Services program, where he learned resume writing and interview skills, and ultimately was a program instrumental in helping him secure employment.

As he continues to progress in his personal and professional life, Kathy and Bob have been extremely proud to watch their son grow and become independent.
They share that, “He lives on his own, manages his own budget using tools introduced by SARRC, and works successfully. It’s all because we had the SARRC team at our side watching and coaching us on how to reach these goals.”

Watching their son achieve his goals and independence has not only impacted his life for the better, but the entire family. Their desire to help others in need goes beyond their family life and into their business operations.
“I look at my own world, and I’m proud to be married for 46 years to Kathy,” says Bob. “We raised eight kids and started our own businesses, Hubbard Swim Family School and Camp Hubbard, that has positively impacted the lives of staff, and students, including those with special needs.”

Their desire to assist families with special needs, along with their own positive experiences, has moved them to take their gratitude one step further. 

The Hubbards were inspired to become a Multiyear Visionary Partner, where donors commit to a multiyear gift of five years or more to be invested into SARRC’s vital programs, services and research. They hope their multiyear gift will have a positive impact and support people with autism across the lifespan—especially the continuation and expansion of support for adults as they look to become more independent in their lives and through the workplace.
Having SARRC available as a resource has been instrumental in the Hubbards’ lives.
“We appreciated that SARRC needed predictability in their funding, and we wanted to help stabilize that,” they shared. 

The Hubbards look forward to SARRC being a model for other cities and states and sharing its message and techniques.
Are you interested in making a difference by becoming a SARRC Multiyear Visionary Partner? Learn more here.