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The Wallace Family

Sue and Scott Wallace’s journey with SARRC began after their grandchild, Colin, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. One of their friends passed along information about SARRC, which they then shared with Colin’s parents, Claire and Brian.

The family went through SARRC’s JumpStart program and later enrolled in its Comprehensive Behavioral Program for at-home services with Colin, who is now in third grade. Six years since completing the Jumpstart program, Colin’s three siblings have also been involved in programs with SARRC, including the Community School and the Milestones program. Claire and Brian have volunteered on SARRC committees, as well.

After working so closely with SARRC, and seeing the good that the organization can do, Sue and Scott wanted to give back. Sue joined the Grandparents Support Group and has been an active member for a number of years. Scott, who is a CPA, now chairs the Finance Committee and serves as the Treasurer for the Board of Directors.

At one of SARRC’s yearly breakfast events, the Wallaces made their first donation.

“We had seen the impact that SARRC therapy can make firsthand when we watched them work with Colin in the home,” Sue explains. “And, when Scott and I got more involved, we learned about how Denise [Resnick] started this amazing organization and the support it provides to families and their children with special needs.” 

Now, the Wallaces are part of the Multiyear Visionary Partner program, in which donors commit to making a multiyear gift of five years or more that will be invested in SARRC’s vital programs, services, and research. 

“We did it because we believe in SARRC and how important the continuity of support is to sustain critical services,” they remarked. 

“As an educator, I believe it is important to foster the long-term continuity of SARRC and their team,” Sue says. “Being able to build and keep a team of well-educated, certified, and passionate staff who are dedicated to serving families is of utmost importance. All of our family has been very impressed with the commitment of the SARRC team to provide amazing services, and their willingness to adapt to the changing dynamics of the family and their child with special needs. I hope our gift, combined with others, will enable SARRC to continue to attract and keep the best, most experienced team members.”

The Wallaces hope that SARRC will continue to focus on staff retention so that it can maintain the exceptional level of its services, nurture its work culture, and expand the reach and availability of the Community School.

“We want SARRC to be sustainable for the long term,” Scott says.

Are you interested in making a difference by becoming a SARRC Multiyear Visionary Partner? Learn more here.