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Megan Selvey

Three years ago, Megan Selvey’s work colleague and fellow attorney, Robin Cochran Kruger, invited her to become involved with SARRC’s Planning Giving Professional Advisory Council.

Selvey met Cochran Kruger at Bivens and Associates, a practice that specializes in special needs planning, elder law and estate planning.

“I’m proud to work with families who come to me with nothing in place for the future, often very anxious and nothing sorted out and worried for their future. It makes me feel good to help them with the estate and special needs planning, and also to connect them to the community and SARRC services,” she shares. “SARRC is a bright spot in Arizona, providing amazing support and programs for families with children or adults with special needs. I have worked with three clients that literally moved to Arizona because of SARRC programs.”

Selvey was excited to be involved with SARRC, and in addition to serving on the Planned Giving Professional Advisory Council, became very active in the Council’s education committee, which plans events for families with children or adults with special needs.

With the incidence of autism growing, she realized she wanted to do even more to improve the lives of those with autism. Impressed with SARRC’s research and the impact the organization has, she decided to join the Legacy Circle, making a planned gift to support SARRC’s programs, services and research for years to come.

“The programs and research that SARRC does are critical to our community,” she explains. “The organization continues to produce tangible results, and I was driven to include SARRC in my estate plan because I know every dollar will make a difference.

In addition to being involved with SARRC, Selvey volunteers with the Downs Syndrome Network and is involved with One Step Beyond, a non-profit that provides day and arts programs for adults with special needs.

“I enjoy being involved in the community and I realize that volunteers make a difference, just as dollars do,” she says.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Legacy Circle member and ensuring the continued vitality and growth of SARRC’s services from one generation to the next, please contact Beth Salazar at [email protected] or 602-340-8717, ext. 1039.