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Martin Shultz

A longtime Arizona resident and retired activist, Martin Shultz has been involved with Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) for many years, recently joining the Legacy Circle.

While Marty’s family has not been directly impacted by autism, his dedication to the Valley’s healthcare needs and a longtime friendship with SARRC co-founder Denise Resnik drove his interest in the organization. He began attending SARRC’s signature fundraiser, the Annual Community Breakfast, in 2005, eventually becoming more involved in hosting tables as an event Table Captain. Later, he signed on as an MVP, or Multiyear Visionary Partner, pledging annual donations for five years or more.

“I’m very interested in the organization,” says Marty, initially intrigued by its many research programs. “I wanted to study more to understand the challenges of autism, what the needs were and how SARRC was serving kids and families in our community.”

The more he’s learned the deeper his commitment to SARRC’s future. Marty recently committed to becoming a Legacy Circle member, making SARRC a key beneficiary of the family’s foundation.

“Dollars spent to solve local needs are the heart of my giving,” he says. “As my giving has evolved, I now understand that giving to ensure an organization’s future is critical.”

Marty is continuously inspired by SARRC’s growth and impact on the Arizona community. So much so that he has introduced many families to SARRC. In addition to new programs, its community footprint and exposure have grown, he says. “That just makes me even more excited to provide resources for the long term.”

Marty came to Phoenix at age 9 from Cleveland, Ohio, developing a strong interest in the local economy and community. Now retired, Marty had a long career at Pinnacle West Capital Corporation, the parent company of Arizona Public Service Company, where he served as an officer in the role of vice president of government affairs. He continues to be is a familiar face in business circles.

He’s also been a major force in community organizations. Involvement in health care included a stint as chairman of Banner Health’s board of directors, and he remains very interested in health issues. As a result, he says, most of his giving revolves around local health care needs.

But Marty’s community involvement doesn’t stop there. He’s a member of Arizona State University’s board of trustees, the Visit Phoenix board, and is involved with his temple and synagogue. And, for a bit of fun and exercise, he loves cycling.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Legacy Circle member and ensuring the continued vitality and growth of SARRC’s services from one generation to the next, please contact Devin Dye at [email protected] or (602) 218-8183.

Martin Schultz