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Kymberly and Richard Kent

Kymberly and Richard (Rick) Kent were introduced to SARRC in 2019 after an attorney at Rick’s firm, Kent & Wittekind, P.C., shared that her son had been diagnosed with autism.

Rick was immediately supportive of this new journey that Callie was about to take with her young son. After her son’s diagnosis, she enrolled him in SARRC’s Community School program, a preschool offering high-quality early childhood education for children with and without autism.

Rick gave Callie the flexibility she needed to continue working and participate in her son’s therapy and growth. His support allowed Callie to participate in parent training and transport her son to his many therapy appointments while maintaining a busy law practice.

The Kents became MVPs in 2023 during the Annual Community Breakfast where Callie’s son was featured in a story illustrating how SARRC’s services helped a 2-year-old non-verbal boy change his focus from items to people, thereby unlocking access to communication.

“During the Breakfast, we were inspired by what we learned at the event,” Rick shares. “The work conducted by the organization and the parents of the autistic children would inspire anyone with a heart.”

Through their support as annual donors, their multiyear gift will be invested into SARRC’s vital programs, services, and research to support more families like Callie’s.

The Kents have also pledged their support as sponsors of the 2024 Annual Community Breakfast.

“We have learned that the work and research conducted by SARRC’s team has helped so many families achieve so much,” Rick says. “We know that more research and more work on behalf of these children is needed because there is more that can be done.”

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