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Jacquie and Andy Weflen

Jacquie Weflen shares that when she first toured Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC), she was immediately drawn to the organization.

“It is amazing to see and hear about the impact that they make in families’ lives every day,” she says. “The support that SARRC provides not only to the child or adult with autism but also to the family, is life changing.”

After her tour, Jacquie was motivated to become involved with the organization. Drawing on her experience as a family wealth strategist—Andy works in emergency management—she became a member of SARRC’s Planned Giving Professional Advisory Council.

The couple has been impressed with the impact they’ve seen that early intervention has over a person’s lifetime, as well as SARRC’s ever-expanding services geared towards adults with autism.

“For example, to know that SARRC is working with employers in the community to help with job placement is instrumental in their life-long success as independent adults,” Jacquie says.

Four years after first touring SARRC, the Weflens now decided to join the Legacy Circle, making a gift from their estate to support SARRC’s programs, services, and research for years to come.

“Having participated on the Council for the last four years and having seen the impact [SARRC] makes in our community, it is hard to not want to help in any way possible,” Jacquie says. “I have donated a lot of time over the last four years through Council participation, helping to put on Professional Advisor events and Operation Santa, so I am excited to also be giving to them financially. Without the financial help of the community, SARRC would not be able to touch the many lives of the people they do today.”

In joining the Legacy Circle, the Weflens hope that SARRC will be able to expand its services to help as many people as possible.

“From helping to increase awareness and increase the in-office screening of babies/toddlers, to the preschools SARRC has, to the in-home and in-school services and the services geared towards teenagers and adults with autism, there are so many ways in which people can benefit from SARRC, and I look forward to seeing how many people SARRC can reach into the future,” they say.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Legacy Circle member and ensuring the continued vitality and growth of SARRC’s services from one generation to the next, please contact Devin Dye at [email protected] or (602) 218-8183.