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Introducing SARRC’s Newly Revised Mobile App: Think Autism

Introducing SARRC’s Newly Revised Mobile App Think Autism

SARRC is pleased to introduce the newly revamped mobile app: Think Autism®. Formerly Think Asperger’s, the new and improved app offers a variety of helpful and informative autism resources. Developed for parents, educators, and medical professionals, Think Autism includes a rapid screening tool designed for children ages 8-13 and offers resources in all 50 states.

"Parents and teachers know their school-aged child or student best, and when they have concerns about their child’s social challenges and success at school or outside of school. the Think Autism app can provide the information and tools they need to get answers and take action," says Alexis Boglio, clinical services manager at SARRC.

The Social Challenges Screening Questionnaire helps identify children who may have symptoms that were once characterized as Asperger’s syndrome, which is now a part of autism spectrum disorder. The 15-question screener is geared towards children who have significant social impairments that markedly affect their functioning and overall wellbeing, but their language and cognitive development remain on time and unaffected. While this screening tool does not result in a diagnosis, receiving a score of 6 or higher indicates the need for an official evaluation.

The newest feature in the Think Autism revamp allows users to find autism resources near them. Regardless of whether the user completes the rapid screening tool or not, they can find at least two resources in their home state. Furthermore, agencies across all 50 states have been identified and fully vetted as credible resources by SARRC’s team.

The free mobile app also provides a library of informational videos. These educational videos feature perspectives of professionals in the field, parents, and people with Asperger’s and autism.

Download the Think Autism app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

For further evaluation and resources, contact SARRC's Family Resource Team at 602.606.9806

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