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Four Tips for a Family-Friendly Fourth of July


The Fourth of July can be a weekend filled with excitement and fun activities for the whole family. Strategizing a plan can be key as you prepare for your weekend activities. Check out these tips from our team to your family as you plan for the upcoming holiday!

There are so many great options when planning your family’s Fourth of July celebration. Choose an activity, event or location where you think everyone in your family will have fun and be successful! Whether you’re planning on watching a fireworks show at your local park, attending a community event, or holding a special sparkler show in your own yard, make a decision based on what you think will work best for the whole family.

Planning for the day’s activities beforehand can be a great way to prepare everyone in your family. Consider introducing some of these new experiences to members of the family ahead of time.

For example, if you have a young child who has not had experience with a Fourth of July firework show; large crowds; and all the sounds, think about ways that would be best to present this concept to your child. Maybe it’s a video, photo or a story/conversation. 

The key is to prepare ahead of time, especially if your activity of choice is an unfamiliar one.

Have a game plan and have reasonable expectations for your entire family.
Celebrate the day’s accomplishments as they occur. But remember, be open to changes in your plans. Know when it’s time to retreat to the comfort and air conditioning of your home, and end your day on a successful note!

Importantly, remain focused on the fun. Fun can be different for every member of the family. Think about the event, venue or location that you’ve selected and the activities that you’ve planned for the day. Does it include activities that every family member can enjoy? If not, think about how you can add in the “fun” for all! 

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