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Elana and Chadwick Campbell

For Elana and Chadwick Campbell, it has been important to support SARRC, as SARRC has supported their family during their autism journey.

Since their son Euan was 2 years old, they knew he was developmentally delayed but struggled to find an accurate diagnosis and importantly, appropriate treatment. In December 2015, when Euan was 5 years old, he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

As Elana and Chadwick discovered SARRC, they learned more about its services and were impressed by SARRC’s commitment to the autism community. Through SARRC, they started educating themselves on what techniques and treatments would best fit Euan’s needs.

Euan started in SARRC’s Comprehensive Behavioral Program in January 2017. SARRC’s approach is to work with both the child and the parents so that the evidence-based techniques used by clinicians can be applied in the child’s natural world, at home, and school. Elana is proud to have achieved “fidelity” status in pivotal response treatment as a parent.

After only a few months with SARRC clinicians, they could see how much Euan was improving but also how much they still needed to learn. As they have always thought about the long-term for their son, they wanted to do the same with SARRC.

After serving three years on SARRC’s Planned Giving Advisory Council, Chadwick was elected to SARRC’s Board of Directors in December 2018. Elana is co-chairing the 2020 SARRC Community Breakfast. Along with being Multiyear Visionary Partners (MVPs), they joined the SARRC Legacy Circle by planning an estate gift.

“The estate gift is a way to really leave a legacy with an organization that has had such a profound impact on our lives,” Elana says. “We wanted to make a gift that matches our gratitude, and an estate gift does just that while supporting the future success of SARRC and other families on their journey with autism.”

Chadwick is a native Phoenician and has lived in Phoenix for over 20 years. Elana is from England and has lived in Phoenix for 10 years. Chad is an attorney for a commercial title and escrow company, and Elana is a high school principal.

“Simply put, SARRC is leading the way for others to follow. SARRC has put Phoenix on the map and has put the ASD community in Arizona in a very special and privileged place,” Chadwick says. “We hope that our legacy gift will allow SARRC to take its incredible mission and impact all around the world.”

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Legacy Circle member and ensuring the continued vitality and growth of SARRC’s services from one generation to the next, please contact Beth Salazar at [email protected] or 602-340-8717, ext. 1039.