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Dr. and Mrs. Richard Tayrien

Ceci and Richard Tayrien were compelled to join SARRC as Multiyear Visionary Partners. But their involvement, in the nonprofit community, goes much deeper.

An Arizona native, Ceci met her husband while she was in nursing school and he was in his medical residency. His career in Internal medicine and healthcare administration led them to several cities, for over 30 years ultimately returning to Arizona where they had raised their four children.

The move home set the stage for a vital link to SARRC not long after the Tayriens’ grandson was diagnosed with autism. Ceci mentioned the grandson to her physician, during an appointment in 2020; he told her about SARRC.

“When our grandson was diagnosed just before he turned three, we became committed to learning as much as possible about autism and what types of services can engage and enable those with autism to lead full lives,” she says. “We are grateful for the research and research-based services helping those with autism manage their gifts and learn to engage the world to their fullest potential.”

The Tayrien’s then joined SARRC’s Grandparents Support Group learning much through virtual meetings in 2021, and now, in-person gatherings. They also participated in SARRC’s YES! Day for Autism event in October 2021 where Richard crossed paths with Dr. Christopher Smith, SARRC’s Chief Science Officer.  Dr. Smith mentioned he was looking for a medical professional to fill a role on the research team. They hit it off and Dr. Tayrien, now semi-retired, officially joined SARRC’s Research Department as a Study Physician in December 2021.  

Most recently the couple became Multiyear Visionary Partners, or MVPs, pledging an annual donation for five years or more in support of SARRC’s programs, services and research.

“Richard and I have always been active in our local church community and have strong beliefs that those who have been blessed with resources need to share them with others,” says Ceci. “We saw the benefit of committing to the five-year pledge and becoming Multiyear Visionary Partners along with other families.

“Doing so allows SARRC leadership to plan and execute more strategically which is critical to any multi-year development plan. We are excited to witness the deployment of networked, community-based services for families impacted by autism across the entire state.”

The Tayriens’ involvement in the community goes well beyond SARRC. Hope Force International, is a Christian-based nonprofit devoted to natural disaster response and community restoration around the world. Both are trained in disaster response and support the organization financially. Dr. Tayrien serves on the board and has led medical outreach in deployments to Haiti and Nepal.  

The couple’s four children and two grandchildren live in Scottsdale, Portland and Southern California. They have all adopted a spirit of compassion in their local communities. Though the Tayriens only recently returned to Phoenix, they spent over 22 years in the valley while Dr Tayrien practiced at St. Joeseph’s Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute. They are very happy to be home!

Are you interested in making a difference by becoming a SARRC Multiyear Visionary Partner? Learn more here.