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A Day in the Life: Padmaja Lakamsani, Senior Research Coordinator

photo of Padmaja Lakamsani

Hello! My name is Padmaja Lakamsani, and I’m a senior research coordinator within SARRC’s Research Department! I’ve been with SARRC for four years as a research coordinator. Early on, I worked on setting up the regulatory platform for SARRC’s clinical trials —though in my current role, I coordinate numerous clinical research trials and supervise the other coordinators on staff.

What drew you to SARRC? Why did you want to work here? 

I have always been passionate about having a career that can make a positive impact on others’ lives. I discovered SARRC and was drawn to its mission of advancing research and providing lifetime support for individuals with autism. I was inspired by the organization’s goals and knew that it was the perfect place for me to work.

What are some of your responsibilities as a senior research coordinator?

As a Senior Research Coordinator at SARRC, I am responsible for the day-to-day management of multiple clinical trials involving experimental medications. My responsibilities include enrolling eligible participants, providing study information to participants and their caregivers, and collecting and reporting study data. I also supervise other research coordinators and act as a liaison between our study sponsors and other stakeholders involved in our clinical research studies.

Is there an achievement or contribution you’re most proud of?

It’s hard to choose just one! However, one of my proudest achievements at SARRC was being able to handle multiple clients efficiently in a single day. I was able to conduct physicals, psychological assessments, and various other medical exams for our clients while adhering to strict time constraints.

Best advice for someone who wants to have a job like yours?

As a clinical research coordinator, you may face some challenges along the way, but it is a highly rewarding experience. It’s important to be able to handle complex situations and work well in a team. Despite any difficulties, it’s crucial to maintain a positive attitude and stay resilient.

Why would you encourage someone to join the team at SARRC?

I would encourage anyone interested in autism research to join us, not only because we’re a nonprofit advancing our current understanding of autism—but also because you’ll be a part of a friendly-and-supportive team where your work can have a positive impact on someone else’s life.

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