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A Day in the Life: Anna Stocking, Associate Clinical Supervisor

A Day in the Life Anna Stocking, Associate Clinical Supervisor

Hello! My name is Anna Stocking, and I am currently an Associate Clinical Supervisor at the Phoenix Community School. I have been working with SARRC since August 2017 as a Behavior Therapist.

What drew you to SARRC? Why did you want to work here? 

It’s a little funny, I had just graduated from the University of Arizona and was taking additional course work at Grand Canyon University since I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do with my degree in Psychology. I applied for numerous jobs and had my on-site intervention at SARRC. During the observation and play, which is the second round of interviews, I fell immediately in love with the energy, mission, employees, and children. 

What is a skill you’ve gained or grown since working at SARRC?

Flexibility! Throughout my years at SARRC I have only grown to learn to be more flexible with staff, clients and myself. This field is constantly growing and changing for the better, but you must not only grow with the field but be flexible to change. 

I have been more than fortunate to have worked alongside and with some amazing mentors at SARRC, where each one of them shaped me into who I am professionally today. I can confidently say that I pursued my master’s and BCBA due to the mentors I worked with and learned from at SARRC. Now being an Associate Clinical Supervisor, my current mentor has given me nothing but support and wanted to help me grow consistently throughout my time. The combination of being allowed to make mistakes and learning from them paired with the mentors I got the opportunity to learn from has allowed me to grow throughout my time at SARRC, supported me to get my BCBA, and continually grow as a BCBA. 

Is there an achievement or contribution you’re most proud of?

Getting to where I am now. Moving from a therapist to a supervisory role was the most challenging transition and took a lot of navigating. I started as a therapist and worked my way through each position alongside other therapists that I now supervise. That learning experience alone is by far the biggest achievement that I am proud of the most. 

What is the biggest thing you have learned in your position at SARRC?

How much work goes into ensuring client success on the back end. Our therapists do such an amazing job implementing direct work, but moving from a therapist to a supervisory role, I saw how much supervisors do to ensure the success of clients and therapists. 

Tell us about one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve encountered at SARRC.

Being a therapist during COVID-19, usually, it is families thanking us for our services, but I truly got to see how families impact us as therapists. We are fortunate enough to have great families to work with at our company who also challenges us to grow. 

Best advice for someone who wants to have a job like yours?

It’s OK to make mistakes while you learn. I have learned an immense amount while in this position, but like anyone else I have made my fair share of mistakes, which has only made me more prepared to be a Clinical Supervisor. 


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