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A Day in the Life: Katie Hoyle, Senior Clinical Supervisor

Hi! My name is Katie Hoyle, and I have been with SARRC for 11 years. I initially started at SARRC as an intern during my junior year of college, and then returned in 2013 as a Clinical Interventionist I, before working up to my current role as a Senior Clinical Supervisor at our Tempe Community School.

What drew you to SARRC?

My bachelor’s degree is in early childhood education, and during my junior year, I had the opportunity to intern at SARRC’s Community School. This experience led me to discover SARRC, and what drew me back was the unique combination of preschool and one-on-one therapy. Between my internship and returning in 2013, I taught kindergarten. However, I truly missed the one-on-one aspect and the ability to provide each child with the specific level of support they needed, along with SARRC’s inclusive preschool model.

As a mother myself, I appreciate the privilege of bringing my kids to work with me. I also value the care and compassion my children develop by being enrolled in an inclusive preschool. An exciting benefit of working at SARRC is that staff receive a 50% tuition discount for their children enrolled in the Community School, making it more affordable for my kids to attend full-time.

Can you tell us a little about what your job as a Senior Clinical Supervisor in the Community School entails?

My day begins in the mornings spending time in our toddler classroom providing direct care and supervision to our clients ages 15 months to 2 years old, as well as meeting with parents to review their child’s progress and goals. In the afternoons, I spend my time meeting with our team of therapists reviewing our clients’ progress, working with our clients during one-on-one sessions, as well as working with our therapists on their professional development.

What inspired you to earn your BCBA?

After a few years working in the Community School, I knew this was something that I enjoyed and challenged me in a way that I wanted to be in this field for a long time. I loved seeing the positive impact we were making with not only our clients but their families as well. At the time, SARRC had just begun offering a tuition reimbursement program with the University of West Florida for those interested in pursuing a master’s degree with a specialized focus in applied behavior analysis.

What is a skill you’ve gained or grown since working at SARRC?

Clear communication is a skill I have learned working at SARRC. Every day I need to communicate with a variety of stakeholders, such as parents, co-workers, therapists, etc., and having clear communication is important to ensure that everyone gets the message I am trying to send and can follow up accordingly.

Is there an achievement or contribution you’re most proud of?

During the end of each school year, I love reflecting on the growth each of our clients has made and knowing the impact I had on their lives and their futures.

Tell us about one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve had at SARRC.

Watching a little toddler make their first sounds and speak their first words. As a mom those are amazing milestones and knowing that my team and I supported a kiddo to get there and a fellow mom being able to share that joy in the small milestones.


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