Community: Services & Partnerships

Outreach efforts include a variety of informational services to meet the needs of the professional, organization or community program, including brief presentations about autism and evidence-based practices, providing resources and materials about SARRC programs and services, or scheduling tours and FAQ sessions with our experts.

Educational Presentations
Educational presentations are delivered to provide information and messages with a punch! Our consultants use stories, video examples and interactive activities to engage the audience. Presentations can be customized and offered in your setting or check out our calendar to see scheduled events.

Professional Development
Professional development opportunities are offered throughout the year at our Sybil B. Harrington Campus for Exceptional Children. Most events offer continuing education units for BCBAs.

Student-Based Consultations
Student-based consultations include an initial assessment to guide the development of a proposal to meet the needs of the student, teacher, classroom, and school. Initial observation and assessment are completed and reviewed with the school and will likely include a variety of activities to meet the goals of the student and school.

Inclusion Training And Consultation
Inclusion training and consultation services are offered to school-based and recreational organizations that are moving toward an inclusive model or would like to improve upon an existing model looking to implement best practices to improve the success of all participants. 

ThinkAspergers® is designed to educate parents, educators, pediatricians, and other community stakeholders to consider autism spectrum disorder when they see subtle social challenges in school-age children or older individuals. SARRC offers educational presentations, a screening questionnaire to refer children for formal evaluation, and partners with the community to promote inclusive practices for individuals with autism and their families. Our ThinkAspergers mobile app can be downloaded for free by searching “ThinkAspergers” via the App Store or Google Play. Learn more »

Employment Partnerships
SARRC creates partnerships with local and national employers to increase competitive, community-based employment opportunities for adults with ASD. Nationally, adults with ASD experience low rates of employment, but through the help of our valued employment partners, SARRC is committed to increasing the employment rate among adults with ASD. Employment partners commit to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and receive support from SARRC with autism awareness training for staff and individual job coaching for eligible employees. Learn more »

Summer Camps
SARRC is proud to partner with several summer camps in Arizona to support inclusive programs for campers of all ages. The Arizona Science Center, Camp Daisy and Harry Stein, Camp Simcha, Children's Museum of Phoenix, The Phoenix Theatre Company and the University of Advancing Technology, each offer incredible experiences and unforgettable memories to campers. Learn more »

Contact Us

Participants interested in enrolling in any of the above Community Outreach services are encouraged to connect with a SARRC Intake Specialist at 602.606.9806 or contact us online.