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A Day in the Life: Jamie Le, Senior Behavior Therapist

Jamie Le

Hello, I’m Jamie Le! I’m a Senior Behavior Therapist in the Comprehensive Behavioral Program (CBP) at SARRC where I’ve worked for six years.

What drew you to SARRC? Why did you want to work here?

When I discovered SARRC, I was in the process of switching career paths. I was immediately drawn to the organization’s people, culture and mission. From the interview process to meeting my team, everyone I interacted with only strengthened my initial impression that something special was happening at SARRC. As a newcomer to the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA), SARRC met me where I was, providing support, empowering me with the necessary skills, and fostering my passion for acceptance and inclusivity. They helped me become a better advocate for the autism community.

What is a skill you’ve gained or grown since working at SARRC? 

Undoubtedly, flexibility is key. As we challenge our clients to learn new and difficult things, I have come to realize that there are multiple ways to approach learning and problem-solving. With determination, we can all overcome challenges.

Is there an achievement or contribution you’re most proud of?

Every time my client achieves a goal, it’s a moment worth celebrating. As a behavior therapist, I have the privilege of seeing all the hard work that goes into creating an effective intervention and witnessing how tirelessly my clients work to learn new skills. It’s hard to put into words the overwhelming joy I feel when a parent watches their child initiate with a peer for the first time or when a peer asks their child to be best friends. I am often found in the corner, ugly crying tears of happiness behind my iPad. It truly takes a team effort, and it’s a feeling that’s difficult to explain to someone outside of the field.

What is the biggest thing you have learned in your position at SARRC?

Being an effective leader is not just about handling difficult situations but also about acknowledging when you don’t have all the answers or have made a mistake. It’s about collaborating with others to learn and grow together.

Best advice for someone who wants to have a job like yours? 

Some days can be long and challenging, while others may be filled with laughter that takes your breath away. And then there are days that are a mix of both, so it’s important to stay flexible and adapt to any situation. When you find yourself running around pretending to be a dragon to help your client improve their communication skills and hearing them ask you to breathe more fireballs, you’ll realize how unique and rewarding our job is. Every day has the potential to be life-changing and incredibly fulfilling.

Why would you encourage someone to join the team at SARRC?

Every day presents an opportunity to make a difference, challenge yourself to view things from a different perspective, encourage communication and collaboration, and support the individuals we serve in becoming meaningful members of their chosen community. And, if that’s not enough, sometimes there’s free candy in the office!


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