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5 Back to School Tips


Starting a new school year can be a time of excitement for your child. However, returning to school after a long summer break can be a challenging adjustment. Start the year off right by using these SARRC teacher-approved back-to-school tips:

Start a special school time schedule. Go to bed and wake up on a designated “school time.” If you wait until day one to switch you or your child’s schedule, everyone will be groggy and out of practice.

If your child is starting a new school, do plenty of practice visits. First drive by and wave, take little trips to get out of the car and explore a little. Provide a tasty treat or sticker prize as you leave to celebrate your visit!

Always say goodbye. It can be tempting to sneak out once your child is involved in something, but not saying goodbye and creating a predictable routine can cause increased anxiety for your child. 

Start a homework routine early! Don’t wait until your child has a ton of homework to start building good habits. Select a schedule and location you feel is a good work space. The first week or two can be light, so use this time to just get into the routine. Perhaps sign permission slips, write in your child’s planner together and chat about their day.

Remember, ask for help if needed. Teachers are excellent resources and can also help parents understand what to expect and tips and tricks for helping support your child.  




























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