Think Autism: Get answers, take action.

The Think Autism mobile app (formerly ThinkAsperger's) includes a rapid screening tool that gets you the answers you need to take action.

SARRC's Think Autism® mobile app can be downloaded for free by clicking the icons below or by searching "Think Autism" via the App Store or Google Play



Developed for parents, educators and medical professionals, Think Autism is designed for children ages 8-13 and offers resources in all 50 states. The app includes our Social Challenges Screening Questionnaire, which aims to identify children who may have symptoms that were once characterized as Asperger’s syndrome, but now Asperger's is part of autism spectrum disorder. These children have significant social impairments that markedly affect their functioning and overall wellbeing, but language develops on time and there is no associated cognitive impairment.

The app also features informational videos from the unique perspectives of professionals in the field, a parent, and a person with Asperger’s. If more individual support is needed, you will have the option to connect with an expert at Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our team will guide you through your next steps and connect you to resources in your area.


Complete our validated 15-question Social Challenges Screening Questionnaire online here or through our Think Autism mobile app for your child or student and receive immediate results that will indicate if a formal evaluation is needed for autism spectrum disorder.

Once individuals are properly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), professionals can begin interventions so children can experience meaningful interactions, develop friendships, and ultimately reach their full potential.  For those who completed the Social Challenges Screening Questionnaire and have concerns about a child's development, please refer to the below resources.


For further evaluation and resources, contact SARRC's Family Resource Team at 602.606.9806.


Asperger’s disorder is one of three previously separate subtypes of autism that was folded into a single diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) after the publication of the DSM-5 diagnostic manual in 2013. Children and adults diagnosed with Asperger’s disorder have difficulty with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and/or repetitive behaviors. Asperger’s can be particularly difficult to detect in people of all ages. Children are often overlooked because language development, while sometimes odd, is not delayed, and there is no obvious cognitive impairment. Older individuals might be struggling with social challenges, but problems may be difficult to detect unless a more serious problem, like depression, emerge.  

Individuals who are left undiagnosed and untreated often struggle with depression, anxiety, academics, life skills, peer victimization, social isolation, and a lifetime of struggle for themselves and their families.