Services for Children

Children's Services

SARRC’s clinical model is grounded in applied behavior analysis (ABA) with a particular focus on naturalistic behavioral interventions in inclusive environments, including but not limited to in the home, in school, on the job or in the community. Each of SARRC’s therapeutic programs, classes and trainings are guided by best practice models; the most currently available science; increasing independence and producing meaningful outcomes; and the individualized needs of the children, adolescents, adults and families we serve.

For more information about a listed program, please contact an Intake Specialist at 602.606.9806 or submit an inquiry form online. Para hablar con alguien en Español llame al 480.603.3283.

Milestones (up to 18 months)

Milestones offers services and support for parents of infants starting as young as 6 months and continuing through 18 months of age. This program is ideal for families with infants who have an older sibling with a diagnosis of autism, as well as new parents looking for more information and support regarding their infant’s development. Services can include 1) evidence-based information on developmental milestones and parenting practices, 2) consistent monitoring and 3) a very early intervention option for babies demonstrating early signs of ASD or with a diagnosis of ASD prior to 18 months. There is no cost to participate.

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JumpStart is a six-week program that provides information, support and training to parents of young children (age 7 and under) who have been recently diagnosed with or are at risk for ASD. This program is designed to provide access to critical information so parents and caregivers feel confident and supported as they begin to make decisions for their child. JumpStart also provides information on Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) to give parents strategies to support their child’s communication. As well as Arizona, JumpStart is available to families living in the United States and out of the country. *Tambien en Español

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Comprehensive Behavioral Program (up to age 14)

SARRC’s Comprehensive Behavioral Program provides intensive, ABA-based programming across environments to meet the needs of individuals of all ages with ASD and their families. Treatment is primarily implemented in the home and in the community and is often coordinated with a student’s school or adult’s employer. Families receive weekly 1:1 intervention sessions, a weekly caregiver training session, and program management and supervision from a BCBA. Goals are developed in coordination with the family and focus on language skills, social skills, adaptive behavior, play or leisure skills, and cognitive development. 

Community School (18 months-5 years)

SARRC’s Community School is a preschool program that provides intensive, ABA-based programming for children with ASD and high-quality early childhood education for typically developing children It has campuses in Phoenix and Tempe. All children (ages 18 months to 5 years) receive the benefits of highly trained SARRC classroom therapists within a 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio; a play-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that is aligned with state education standards; and a language-enriched environment structured to specifically improve meaningful engagement and social communication. Children with ASD also receive 1:1 intervention in the classroom, parent-training sessions conducted in the family’s home and in the community, and program supervision from a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). After-school care is available for typically developing children.

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Parent Training Program

The Parent Training Program equips parents with strategies to help teach their child-appropriate language and social and play skills that will benefit their child and their family throughout a lifetime. Through coaching and hands-on practice, parents will learn about naturalistic and effective practices. Two clinic-based models are offered: a 1-week intensive model and a 12-week model. In both models, parents and clinicians collaborate to identify individualized and meaningful goals for the family and their child. 

Free Family Orientation 

Family Orientation connects caregivers of individuals with ASD to current and broad information that will help them navigate the journey of autism. Participants will learn about issues that are relevant to their child’s stage of life. Orientations are for families with newly diagnosed children, those who have recently relocated to Arizona, and families making life transitions. Family orientations are generously sponsored and there is no cost to attend. Family Orientations are held once a month for caregivers of individuals in each age group:

These meetings are exclusively for parents/caregivers. For more information or to register, view our online events calendar.