Services Across a Lifetime

Services across a lifetime

A critical part of SARRC's mission is to assist families in their journey once their child has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through adulthood. To that end, SARRC designs autism programs and services based on best-practice models specifically for individuals with ASD or for those who impact their life, including parents, educators, therapists, and habilitators. Our programs and services fall under three categories: clinical, school-based and employment-based.

Diagnostic Services

Do you suspect you or your child might have autism? When developmental milestones are not being met, or for teens and adults seeking a diagnosis, you may feel unclear about where to turn and what to do next. SARRC provides diagnostic services to help individuals and families at the start of their journey. An accurate diagnosis is the first step on a path towards progress. SARRC professionals will help put a plan of action together so you can feel confident about your path towards answers and progress.

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Clinical Services

Our clinical programs rely on evidence-based practices and intervention characteristics. They include a framework of core intervention components that span across programs. These include applied behavior analysis (ABA); pivotal response teaching (PRT); early intervention; parent education and training; services and programs implemented across the lifespan; and capacity-building methods that support children with ASD in inclusive, natural environments such as home, school, and the greater community. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive, integrated model by building excellence into each of our programs. Building excellence implies relying on evidence-based interventions and collecting data to drive our decision making.

School-based Services

Our school-based autism services focus on supporting students in inclusive education programs and/or transitioning students from special education to general education placements. Autism training and consultation services aim to build the capacity for schools and districts to independently support the social, academic, and behavioral needs of children with autism by designing interventions with the whole school in mind.

Employment-based Services

The Vocational & Life Skills Academy, as well as our employment and social enterprise programs, are designed to maximize the independence, productivity, and quality of life of young adults and adults with ASD. Through ongoing education, daily living skills training, supported employment, and interest-based career and job development, individuals with autism can expand their horizons and give back to our community. 

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