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Now Enrolling: Tapestry Study

The tapestry Study

We are currently enrolling adolescents ages 13 to 17 to participate in a clinical study that is investigating a medication designed to remove bacterial chemicals produced in the gut that may reach the brain resulting in characteristics associated with ASD.

The purpose of the Tapestry Study is to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication to potentially improve symptoms associated with ASD such as irritability and anxiety and evaluate changes in sleep, and quality of life.


Sign up by filling out our online interest form or call a member of our team at 480-581-1497.

Study Requirements 

  • Ages 13-17 (both males and females)
  • A professional autism spectrum disorder diagnosis
  • Presence of GI symptoms

Study snapshot:

  • Total of 6 in-person visits and 3 phone calls:
    • 1 screening visit to determine eligibility
    • 4 in-person* and 3 phone call visits during study treatment
    • 1 follow-up visit to our campus
  • Study participants will take an oral study medication for 8 weeks
  • Study participants will receive $50 per in-person visit
  • A stipend may be provided to help cover study-required travel costs. 

*In-person visits take place at SARRC’s campus located at 2225 N 16th St Phoenix, AZ 85006

About Research at SARRC

SARRC's Research Department is committed to identifying best practices for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) screening, diagnosis, and intervention, but we cannot do it alone. We look to individuals impacted by autism and their families to participate in our current research projects. Our research program utilizes rigorous research methods and is informed by the needs, preferences, and values of the community that we serve.