Services for Teens

SARRC’s clinical model is grounded in applied behavior analysis (ABA) with a particular focus on naturalistic behavioral interventions in inclusive environments, including but not limited to in the home, in school, on the job or in the community. Each of SARRC’s therapeutic programs, classes and trainings are guided by best practice models; the most currently available science; increasing independence and producing meaningful outcomes; and the individualized needs of the children, adolescents, adults and families we serve.

For more information on a listed program, please contact us at 602.340.8717. Para hablar con alguien en Español llame al 480.603.3283.

PEERS Program

The PEERS® curriculum is a manualized 14-week intervention that was developed to teach social and friendship skills to cognitively able adolescents with ASD, along with typically developing peers. During weekly 90-minute sessions, small groups of adolescents are taught social skills including conversational skills, appropriate use of electronic communication, choosing appropriate friends, appropriate use of humor, entering and exiting a conversation, steps for having appropriate get-togethers, good sportsmanship, handling rejection, handling disagreements, and handling rumors and gossip. Parents are simultaneously learning the same material and are trained to coach their adolescents as they complete weekly homework assignments related to the course material.


CommunityWorks® is a supported inclusive clinical program that helps teens explore their interests and abilities in a variety of work environments while learning important skills to enhance their ability to live and work more independently. Each CommunityWorks session is 2.5 hours, and happens 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. on Saturdays throughout the year.

CommunityWorks is divided into two age groups: 13-15 and 16-18 and includes group sessions as well as monthly 1:1 sessions with a SARRC clinician. Parents are required to complete group and 1:1 sessions as well.

CommunityWorks​ Peer Mentorship Opportunity 

We are always looking for volunteer teen Peer Mentors age 13-18, who will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills through their role as a volunteer mentor. While working with participants with ASD, Peer Mentors will gain an understanding and acceptance for individuals who may be different from themselves including:

  • Experience can be used in a resume and/or college application.
  • Fun, meaningful way to get involved within the community.
  • Certificate of the volunteer hours completed that can be used for school requirements.

For more information on program dates or to register as a Peer Mentor please contact Pilar Dowling at 480.603.3283 or

Individualized Services

Individualized services for teens provides intensive, ABA intervention across environments to meet the needs of teenagers with ASD and their families. Treatment is primarily implemented in a teen’s home and community, and often coordinated with the teen’s school. Families receive a weekly parent training session, several weekly 1:1 intervention sessions, program management, and supervision from a BCBA. Individualized goals are developed in coordination with the teen’s family, and focus on language, social, adaptive behavior, leisure, cognitive development and independence.

Employment Services (ages 16+)

SARRC's Employment Services is for individuals 16 years or older who have been diagnosed with ASD. Employment Services is focused on building skills to prepare for competitive employment through vocational assessments, social and adaptive skills training, and trial work opportunities and internships. Individuals who complete our program are better equipped with the skills needed to prepare for a job, enter into competitive, community-based employment and maintain employment.

Learn more by visiting our Employment Services page.