Autism Research

SARRC’s research program brings together scientists, research methods, and stakeholders to gain a better understanding of possible causes of autism, identify better treatments, and educate others about how to improve the quality of life for those impacted by ASD and their families.

Our Main Initiatives

The Research Department at SARRC focuses on three main initiatives: 

  • Improve early identification of autism spectrum disorder.
  • Improve treatments for ASD, both behavioral and pharmaceutical.
  • Educate various professional communities to improve their capacity to serve individuals with ASD.

SARRC often performs at the highest in the nation to recruit and manage data for pharmaceutical trials that investigate the effects of ASD medications. While not officially affiliated with any university medical center, to advance our research agenda, we actively collaborate on research projects with well-respected local, national and international organizations.

Internal Research on Clinical Programs

SARRC also conducts internal research on our clinical programs to determine their efficacy and provide information about how our various programs help parents and children affected with ASD.

View our current research initiatives or learn how you can participate.