Grandparents Support Group

The mission of SARRC’S Grandparents Group is to empower grandparents through hope, education and support.

SARRC's Grandparents Support Group

The Grandparents Support Group meetings are held monthly from October through May, with the goal of empowering, enriching and supporting all members. In addition to offering a network of support, grandparents attending the group’s monthly meetings participate in facilitated discussions, learn the latest information about autism from guest speakers, receive advice and training, and socialize with each other.

SARRC’s Grandparents Group wishes to empower, enrich and support our group members.

  • Empower: Through facilitated discussions, individuals gain insight, develop strength and find hope through shared experiences.
  • Enrich: Guest speakers and professional presentations provide key information on the latest research, therapeutic programs and resources
  • available in the field of autism.
  • Support: The Grandparents Group is here for you! By attending meetings, you will collect vital information, tips and strategies that will help your entire family on your autism journey.


To view upcoming meetings visit our Event Page online. For questions, please contact Addie Mocca at 602.218.8203 or