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Focused, Short-term Services

We’re here to help you achieve your most important goals

SARRC understands that you may need support in one or two primary areas of your life to meet your immediate goals. Whether it is through a treatment program or consultation services, we are here to help you reach success.

Focused Intervention

Focused intervention refers to treatment provided for a limited number of behavior targets or goals. These services are usually short-term, ranging from a few weeks to a few months. Focused intervention may involve intensive treatment with many sessions each day or less intensive treatment with one session per week. Depending on your specific goals, we are here to help:


  • Monitor your infant’s developmental milestones
  • Learn about applied behavior analysis (ABA) and early intervention treatment options
  • Gain skills for teaching your young child early social communication
  • Manage your child’s behavior at home


  • Build social skills with peers
  • Gain pre-employment skills and experience


  • Build independence
  • Obtain competitive employment

SARRC’s Family Resource Team

SARRC’s Family Resource Team is ready to speak with you to learn more about your unique needs, share valuable community resources, and answer your questions. Our Family Resource Team will provide detailed information about SARRC’s Focused, Short-term Services so you can select the program that is right for you. 

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