CommunityWorks (Serving ages 13-18)

CommunityWorks is a supported inclusive clinical program that helps teens with and without an autism diagnosis. Together, all teen participants will have the opportunity to explore their interests and abilities in a variety of work environments while learning important skills to enhance their ability to live and work more independently. CommunityWorks serves teens ages 13-18. Additionally, those with an ASD diagnosis receive one-on-one sessions with a SARRC clinician.


Funding Options

  • Private insurance
  • Private pay

Contact Us

For more information on program dates or to register, please contact a SARRC Family Resource Specialist at 602.606.9806.

CommunityWorks Peer Mentorship Opportunity

We are always looking for volunteer teen Peer Mentors age 13-18, who will have the opportunity to learn leadership skills through their role as a volunteer mentor. Peer Mentor gain an understanding of neurodiversity and learn more about those who may be different from themselves. Teens will also benefit from:

  • An experience that can be used in a resume or college application.
  • Connecting with businesses in your community.
  • Volunteer hours may be used for school requirements.

For more information on program dates or to register as a Peer Mentor, please contact a SARRC Family Resource Specialist at 602.606.9806.