Adults and Autism

"My son is a talented artist and his paintings are what I hope will give some parents of children with autism hope."

Janice Murray, mother of Christopher, an adult with ASD

Can Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder Live Independent Lives?

Every person with ASD can learn. Individuals exhibit a wide range of variation when it comes to their level of functioning and capability. Some will live productive lives with varying levels of support needed to manage everyday tasks (cleaning, cooking, doing laundry) or more complex tasks (managing money, paying bills, using public transportation). Others will live independently, marry, work and raise a family.

By teaching people with ASD life skills from a young age, they have a greater potential to lead largely successful lives. SARRC's Vocational & Life Skills Academy, along with our social enterprise programs, are all intended to support, provide opportunities for, and empower independent living for adults with ASD.